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Be Consistent With Updates & Don't Be A Spammer

Let's say you just created a brand new account (on Wattpad or wherever) and posted your very first book... now you're probably wondering how in the world you get reads/followers/etc when you're only starting off with 0 followers...

Well, Here's What NOT To Do:

Immediately slide into 'big' author's inboxes, comment sections, and/or post on their message boards where they make announcements to their audience, SPAMMING 'please check out my new book, blah blah...' 👎 👎👎 Not only is that rude and bound to get you blocked, but it's annoying as hell for the author to have to sort through.

And look, I get that we all start from the bottom and it's difficult to grow from that. When I made an account on Wattpad back in 2012, I literally started out with ZERO followers. Zero. Z E R O!! I want you to understand that you're not the only one, lol. I also know that it's super hard to take off when you're first starting out but I want you to know that there are ways around blatantly asking people for reads.

as a side note: NEVER do the vote4vote or follow4follow shit because why the hell are you going to randomly follow someone whose books you're never gonna read and vice versa?

Also know that if you're going to ask someone to check out your book(s), at least already be a fan of that person (to show that your likes/interests are the same) vs being some random pop up asking for a quick read/feedback.

Either way, if you do decide to approach another author and ask that they check out your work, do it in a nice and non-aggressive way... personalize your message and don't come off sounding like a freakin' robot.

Here's What You SHOULD Be Doing:

Aside from properly tagging your book (there'll be a post dedicated about that) because people DO still search for books via tags, and also by doing your own self-promotion in the appropriate clubs on Wattpad and even places outside of Wattpad, one surefire way to gain reads/votes and eventually followers - overtime NOT overnight - is to update your book CONSISTENTLY.

Yeah, I know 80% of us are busy with real life madness, but if you're serious about your craft, you'll find a way to squeeze in at least one chapter a week for your book.

Don't even worry about the word count right now for your chapters, just focus on creating good content and getting those chapters out as frequently as possible because if it's one thing that most Wattpad readers H A T E it's having to wait on an update for their favorite book.



Don't spam. And the more that you update = the more reads/votes you eventually get = (and if the book is GOOD) the more followers you get because people want to see more from you = the BIGGER you get on Wattpad.

Staying consistent is KEY, before and after you get established as a writer, and it's also a good way to reel in readers from the jump because if they see that you're active and updating every day on X day or at least randomly once a week, they're more likely to stick around and follow you, rather than just adding your book to their library and forgetting about you.


to advertise your work on Wattpad the RIGHT way, go to the Forums tab on a web browser - not on your phone - and select the appropriate genre for your book and there should be a thread for advertising stories

How to access the writing Clubs (only via web browser on a computer): select the Forums Tab > Clubs > on the right-hand side you'll see all the different Categories for the clubs... 

once inside a club, there should be at the top of the page somewhere a place where you can share/advertise your stories. be sure to read the rules inside the thread.



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