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Amy N. Johnson

If anything ever happens to my Wattpad account, you can find all my books below!

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The Bodyguard

A story in which a straight man catches feelings for his handsome new bodyguard. 

biker cover 2.png

Claimed by The Beast

A story in which a boy gets in trouble with a dangerous group of bikers.

behind the madness - OFFICIAL COVER 1.0.png

Behind The Madness

A story in which a spoiled playboy falls in love for the first time. 

beast within cover 1 - BIGGER NAME.png
In Progress

The Beast Within

A story in which a man seeks to kill his flaws, and a woman shows him why they're beautiful. 

after one kiss - cover 0.png
In Progress

After One Kiss

A story in which two best friends cross lines that can't be undone.

SUAVE 1 new.png

His Name? Mr. Suave

A story in which a woman goes after her dreams, and her handsome boss.


Perfect Enough

A story in which a shy boy gets a chance with his favorite YouTuber.

party 7 - no watt logo.png

Party of Three

A story in which two men show a broken woman what real love feels like.

bargg 0.png

A Love So Wicked

A story in which a girl summons the devil, but his hot son shows up instead.

forbidden desires series 2.png

Cheating With The Billionaire

A story in a which a woman has an affair with her mother's fake husband.

save me 2.png

Save Me: Books 1 & 2

A story in which a college girl and a troubled CEO fall fast.

on top - FINAL OFFICIAL.png
In Progress

Loving The Playboy

A story in which a girl and her best friend become something more.

cover 5.png

Sinning With Master

A story in which a man falls for his Dominant.

new clvver.png

Pain Over Pleasure

A story in which a masochist and a sadist discover love beyond kink.


Text Me, Baby

A story in which a boy shoots his shot and wins with his favorite artist.

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