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Judge A Book By Its Cover? Do It!

I can't stress this enough...

YES, BOOK COVERS CAN & DO make or break your book(s) getting noticed!

This is especially true when you're posting on writing like Wattpad; the first thing you see before you even get to a books blurb is the books cover.

Personally, aside from the blurb, one of the first things that I notice when it comes to looking for or reading books on/off Wattpad is the book cover.

And before you ask, no, your cover doesn't always have to be super done up with cool Photoshop edits...

• • •

Sometimes minimalist covers are the better choice because less is more, in certain instances.

However, if the cover is poorly done with a blurry image, sloppy text, bad coloring and is overall messy looking, I'm more than likely not going to click on it to read further... especially if the blurb was trash. I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels this way.

Now I know that it's wrong, judging books by the cover, but when you're trying to market/show off your product, you need for it to look its BEST..

Wattpad hosts MILLIONS of users who read through TONS of books DAILY. Your book HAS a chance of being noticed by at least a few hundred people PER DAY (don't quote me), so don't let those opportunities slip away from you because out of alllll things, your book cover is what ultimately pushed a new reader away.

So you see, your book needs to look good on the OUTSIDE as well as have well written content on the inside. Doing a half-assed job - as far as cover design goes - is only going to get you half-assed/barely any reads because of people like me who won't bother to check out your book after having been turned off by the cover...

Would you buy a shirt on the hanger in a store that looked worn, torn, and slightly smelled?


You're going to keep looking for a better one - one without stains, holes, and odor.


not having looked at the story description, which book are you more likely to click on based on the cover's overall design/quality?

[ A ]

or [ B ]

In MY opinion, [ A ] looks 1000x's better than [ B ]

Why? Because [ B ] has an awkwardly placed text for both the story title and author's name. The pic looks to be completely unedited (style and filter wise), also the font colors look weird against the colors of the pic, they don't match or look good together at all.

& yes, I made both covers using Canva.Com

If I'm just scrolling through books, not looking at story descriptions, I'm honestly more likely to click on a book whose cover looks like [ A ] vs [ B ] because it looks like the content inside is gonna be hot and up my alley lol

And to note, the picture effect and the way the text is positioned on A... everything just seems to fit well together; whereas you have [ B ] where the pic looks untouched and like it was just slapped with some colored text. It's boring, dull and I'm not even sure what the story might even be about...



Having a good cover is crucial! It's MORE than just a pretty image, it's the legit FACE of your story/what you're trying to sell, so make it look good.



Canva: I HIGHLY recommend this site because not only does it help you create EASY book covers specifically for Wattpad (the size requirements are already loaded for you), but it also helps you create images for Twitter/Facebook headers and general images/backgrounds for VARIOUS other sites. Canva also comes with TONS of free to use images as well as premade covers, outlines, and pretty fonts and additional designs like stickers and such.




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